Head of Physical Education

Mr K Walker – BA Hons Sport and Leisure Studies

Assistant Physical Education Teachers

Mrs M Wright – BA Hons Sport and Leisure Studies
Mrs A Gordon – BA Hons Sport and Leisure Studies
Ms S Harrison – BA Hons Combined History and Sport Science and PE
Mr DJ Kane – BA Hons Sport and Leisure Studies
Mr J  McGlade


The Physical Education Department aims:

• to contribute to the physical development of each pupil through the promotion of skill acquisition and competence in a range of physical activities;

• to contribute to the social education of the individual pupil providing opportunities for pupils to co-operate with one and other and to share the value of sports and games through a sense of satisfaction and achievement for play and teamwork;

• to promote in each pupil an interest in and knowledge of physical activity and its contribution to the maintenance of lifelong personal health and fitness;

• to prepare pupils to make active, creative and purposeful use of their leisure time throughout their lives;

• to enable pupils to gain enjoyment and an aesthetic appreciation of movement through purposeful and progressive physical activity;

• to allow pupils irrespective of gender, ability, culture or religion the opportunity to access a full Physical Education programme and achieve success within the physical activity;

• to extend the curriculum beyond that offered in timetabled classes.


Organisation of Teaching Groups

In Key Stage 3, pupils are taught in their Form classes which are merged and taught as discrete Boys and Girls classes.

Key Stage 3

Year 8 – one double period per week
Year 9 – two double periods per week
Year10 – one double and one single period per week
Pupils are taught a balanced programme based on the NI Curriculum including; Athletics; Games (Invasion, fielding/striking, net/wall); Gymnastics; Swimming and Outdoor Education.

In Key Stage 4, pupils are taught as a whole Year group with 3/4 teachers allocated to teach the group.


Key Stage 4

Year 11 & 12 – one double per week


Academic Physical Education

Pupils have the option to study GCSE PE in Year 11, which follows the CCEA GCSE Physical Education specification.  Pupils will study GCSE PE in an additional 5 periods per week over the two years.

In Sixth Form, pupils have the option to study BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Sport (equivalent to one A Level).  During this course pupils will study 7 modules from the EDEXCEL specification in 8 periods per week over the two years.

Gifted and Talented Athletes

Our Gifted and Talented programme recognises the hard work and dedication that our talented athletes put in beyond school sport. At present there are a number of Gifted and Talented Athletes within the College:


Adam Dennison               Ireland Cricket           Under 17&19

Rachel Ryan                       NI Netball                   Under 17

Adrianna McMullan       Irish Youth Boxing

Clodagh McComiskey    Irish Youth Boxing

Shenna McKivergan       Irish Cycling

Rebecca Lennon              GB Youth Archery

Rachel McDonnell          NI Junior Karate

Victoria Bushby               NI Junior Karate

Rhys McDonnell             NI Junior Karate

Katie Canniford              Down Camogie            Under 15

Courtney Savage            Down Camogie             Under 14

Matthew Devlin             NI Junior Gymnastics