Uniform Rules & Conditions


We are proud of our uniform and expect our pupils to wear the official school uniform at all times during school hours, on journeys to and from school and at official school functions.

Inevitably a school is judged on the appearance and behaviour of its pupils.  For this reason, the College will be strict in its insistence on high standards in uniform.  Parents should understand that accepting a place in the College implies support for its uniform policy, both in school and outdoor wear.  No changes will be introduced and no variations will be allowed during the school year.  To avoid misunderstandings between home and school, this sheet should be kept for reference during the school year.

General Rules

1            The College blazer with the correct school badge is to be worn daily to and from school.

School skirts come in three lengthsIf a skirt needs to be altered, it must be no shorter than knee length.  Skirts worn any shorter than knee length will result in the pupil having to obtain a new skirt at the correct length.


2            No jewellery may be worn except for one plain ring.  No visible body piercing is

acceptable including earrings (studs/small earrings for Sixth Form students only).   Piercing should be planned for the start of the summer holidays so that any visible studs can be removed before the term begins.    Students will be asked to remove earrings and covering them with plasters is not acceptable. 


3            Make-up, nail varnish and elaborate shaved or tinted hairstyles are not appropriate and      pupils will be asked to remove excessive make-up on arrival to school.

Hair should be well groomed and no shorter than a number 2 for boys.  Long hair will be tied back for practical lessons.  Ribbons etc. should only be in school colours.


4            Apart from the College crest on their blazers, the only badges that pupils may wear are

those that celebrate or mark their involvement in the College e.g. house badges, librarian badges etc.   At certain times of the year, the College gives significance to particular celebrations.  Emblems associated with these declared celebrations will be permitted.  Information on these occasions will be given in advance of the event.


5            School bags must be strong enough to hold and protect school books.

Brand names for both school bags and P.E bags are accepted however those with names of football teams are not acceptable.  Bags & books must be clean and kept free of decoration and/or graffiti at all times.


6          All school shoes must be plain black – PE black trainers must not be worn with the school uniform.


If a parent is in any doubt about any item of uniform, the Principal will gladly assist before a purchase is made.


The College Uniform is available from the following outlets;

Robin Fields, 16 Newry Street, Banbridge.      Telephone 028 406 26658

D Maxwell, 87b Union Street, Lurgan.                      Telephone 028 383 23801


PE Uniform  -Available only from Donaghy’s Shoefair.

Donaghy’s, 25-27 Newry Street, Banbridge.    Telephone 028 406 27505 (PE Kit Only)


Boys Uniform Girls Uniform
Black Crested Blazer                               Black Trousers                         

School Black Jumper  (optional)                       

White Shirt                                

School Tie                                

Black Leather School Shoes (no trainers/ plimsolls)

Black Socks

Plain Black Scarf

Black Crested Blazer                               Green and Check Skirt  Must be knee Length

School Green Jumper  (optional)                       

White Shirt                               

School Tie                                

Black Leather School Shoes (no trainers/ plimsolls)

Green Socks / Black Tights

Plain Black Scarf


Boys P.E Uniform         Girls P.E Uniform       
Kukri Navy Shorts                                   Kukri White Crested T Shirt                           

Kukri Navy Socks                                   

Kukri Tracksuit

Trainers (Non-Marking Sole)

Kukri Navy SkortKukri White Crested Polo T Shirt      

Kukri Navy Socks    

Kukri Tracksuit

Trainers (Non-Marking Sole)


Outdoor Overcoat

Should you wish your child to wear an overcoat during bad weather or the winter months a plain black coat with no markings and one which covers the length of the College blazer is necessary and the only type acceptable.  Your child is not permitted to wear a jacket or overcoat of any other description.


School Skirt

School skirts are made to a standard length.  If you need to alter your child’s skirt, please ensure that it is no shorter than knee length.  Please refer to Point 1. under New-Bridge Integrated College Uniform Rules and Conditions.

If you feel you are entitled to financial assistance for uniform requirements, Southern Education and Library Board assistance forms are available from the College to be returned to the S.E.L.B,

3 Charlemont Place, The Mall, Armagh, BT61 9AX.