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Today is the 220th anniversary of the birth of Mary Shelley. This term, AS English Literature students will embark on an in depth study and analysis of her classic novel Frankenstein. Even to this day, it is considered one of the most powerful gothic novels ever written.
“Beware for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” – The Creature, Frankenstein.

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March 7 -2012

The BBC Bus comes to New-Bridge!

There has been a great buzz around the college this week, as we welcomed a team of BBC media crew on site to help students record a radio report on the benefits on integrated education. Miss Gallagher’s year 10 English class have been busy filming a video report on this topic to submit to the BBC School News show. When the BBC heard about the talent of our students and the great progress they were making with the project, they decided it was an opportunity not to be missed – this story would be great for radio too! This week the school welcomed the BBC crew on site and students got the opportunity to learn all about how news is made.

They highlight of the day was getting to record their own report using the official media equipment for radio broadcasts. The topic of integrated education is one that sometimes divides public opinion, so it was important that the students covered the story in a balanced way. The debating society helped with this and explored the pros and cons of integrated education. The BBC crew were so impressed by the capability and confidence exuding from our students; they were even certain that have some future stars in the making! Noel Thompson better watch this space…10R are coming for your job!

Ms S Gallagher

Literacy Focus


On Saturday I had the pleasure of accompanying four of our talented year 10 students (Amy White, Ellis Taylor, Leah Geddis and Lucy Knox) to a debating competition in Queens University. It consisted of a workshop in the morning and four rounds of debating in the afternoon.

Teams were only given the motions for debate on the day and allocated just twenty minutes to prepare. They were challenging motions such as “This house believes the UK should stay in the EU” and “This house believes the government should not give foreign aid.” As you can imagine, motions such as these require quick-thinking skills and strong team-work which our girls demonstrated superbly!

They passed all three rounds of debates, but unfortunately did not qualify with enough points for the final. It was a fantastic experience for the girls and they really enjoyed themselves. Their meticulous uniforms and warm New-Bridge smiles sent out a really powerful message about our school and as their class teacher I was incredibly proud.   –  Ms Sinéad Gallagher


January Literacy Focus: Paradox





Busta Rhyme Competition

FIVE of our talented students have successfully made it to the finals of the Busta Rhyme Competition hosted by and are in with a chance of winning £1,000. This competition was very popular and the company received over 12,000 entries worldwide!

Well Done to Ellis Taylor (10ME), Joshua Mathers (10JK), Ross McKee (8ED), Marco Cunningham  (8CO) and Erin McShane (8ED).

These entries will be published in a book called ‘Busta Rhyme’ which is scheduled for publication on 31st March 2017.  The school will receive two complimentary copies of these. What a fantastic achievement to have a piece of writing published at such a young age!  Their entries will be displayed on the Literacy notice board as you walk in to the canteen. Please congratulate the students when you see them!

Miss S. Gallagher

Literacy Focus Poster for December – SYNONYM

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6th Form Debating Competition

Well done to Daniel Marshall and Emma Barlow who performed superbly in a challenging debate against Lurgan College! They were opposing the motion “This house should permit the use of fracking in Northern Ireland.” Unfortunately they did not win the debate, but they put forward a really strong argument, incredibly well researched, and we are really proud of their achievements.


Literacy Focus Poster for November – Onomatopoeia

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Literacy Focus Poster for October – Homophones




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Busta Rhyme Poster & Entries




Euros Competition 2016 Winner



Congratulations to Alex Morrison who wrote the winning sports article for our Euros 2016 writing competition. Alex wrote about the highs and lows of Northern Ireland’s defeat against Poland, opening his article with the catchy headline: Milik strike sinks O’Neil’s men. Well done to the many students who entered this competition; we were overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of the entries. We really hope you will all continue to get involved in upcoming competitions this year.

Harry Potter Trip


On 22nd September 2016, 10 student members of New-Bridge’s book club, and two members of staff, woke up dark and early to
spend the day at the set of ‘Harry Potter’ in Warner Bros. studios, London. Flying on Easyjet (not on broomsticks), we arrived
early and spent a magical day exploring the sets and being bewitched by the costumes, props and scenery from the famous films.From tasting ‘Butter Beer’ to climbing aboard the ‘Hogwarts Express’, it was truly a memorable day and pupils rounded it all off by casting spells with their newly purchased wands on unsuspecting ‘muggles’ at the airport. Everyone arrived safely home, tired but happy, agreeing that the day had gone in a ‘flash of lightning!’