Inclusion & Diversity


“Integration encourages teachers to gain experience in managing difference in the classroom and finding learning moments in class to hear and question assumptions and stereotypes in order to help grow tolerance and understanding in the school population.”

Roisin Marshall CEO NICIE

In New-Bridge Integrated College our Community Relations, Equality and Diversity (CRED) team identify opportunities for teaching and learning about controversial issues. It also highlights how subjects contribute to meeting Section 75 equality legislation and to promote diversity and inclusion across the curriculum.

The following fact files produced by the CRED team are an example of the anti-bias approach to teaching and learning used when working with sensitive issues and topical news.


Inclusion & Diversity News

Congratulations to Aoife-Marie Todd and Jessica Quinn – Recipients of the Carson Bursary 2017    


The Carson Awards are named in honour of the legendary Northern Ireland comedian Frank Carson who was a passionate supporter of integrated education.   The Carson Awards aim to support students who are interested in demonstrating what integrated education means to them through their creative talents.   We are delighted that two of our students, Aoife-Marie Todd and Jessica Quinn have been awarded the Carson bursary for the academic year 2016/2017.


Aoife Todd is an A Level Art student and the youngest of 6 children, all of whom attended New-Bridge Integrated College since the foundation of the school in 1995.   Integration has been a very significant part of Aoife’s life since she and her siblings attended Bridge integrated primary prior to transferring to New-Bridge. “Meeting so many new people from different cultures, recognising our differences and respecting them; I have come to learn that everyone should be treated as equal. My eldest sister was one of the first students to join New-Bridge shortly after it opened in 1995.  I remember distinctly listening to discussion about the risk it was for our family to attend a new school with little history and uncertain future.  For me being part of integrated education means that we are making a significant step forward in moving to a better place for education in Northern Ireland.  The school for all the family’ is our school motto and it is only in my final year in New-Bridge that I have really thought about its meaning and understood the significance of this phrase.  As a family, we embraced the caring, all inclusive and all ability ethos  of the College.  My siblings all worked to their strengths in New-Bridge, which allowed them to progress to a professional level.  I am very proud of them all and I hope to follow in their footsteps next year at university.  I am hoping to focus on the work of Eddie Rafferty ARUA, an artist and print maker whose work will inspire me to look at portraits of myself and my family and connect them to the history of our school. ‘The school for all the family’ has certainly looked after my family and as the youngest I want to use the Carson Bursary to leave a lasting legacy for my family in our school.”

Jessica Quinn is a year 11 student and a team leader with the Anti-Bullying ambassadors.  Jessica has used her creative musical talent to compose a song ‘Where is the love?’ to express what integrated education means to her.   Jessica’s lyrics reflect the excellent work the anti-bullying ambassadors do in our College community.   Jessica was so impressed with the support provided by her peers that she was inspired to become an ambassador herself.  Jessica will use the bursary to undertake a full CD production of her track which she hopes will inspire young people who feel isolated or alone to embrace the friendship offered through Diana Award, anti-bullying ambassador team.


Congratulations to Courtney Crossett Year 12 Winner of the Carson Prize for Integration 2016


By Courtney Crossett

My project is made up of framed sections of our school prayer which have been illustrated in the school colours of purple and green.  Each section is put together in the shape of a cross.  The paintings are done using watercolour and are set in wooden frames. This project has also been inspired by all the work done during IIEW Harmony 2016 week. My project is an investigation in painting of our school prayer.  The reason I wanted to explore the school prayer is that we have used it so many times in school but I was interested in how it was made and what it means for all of us here.  This year our school is celebrating 20 years of New-Bridge Integrated College in our community and all the things that make our school special are being used to remind us of why we have chosen to be here.

I have used the cross format in my art work as it is a symbol of forgiveness which brings all religions together.  I have chosen the symbol of the cross because it is a universal symbol accepted by all Christian traditions in Northern Ireland.  During the celebrations of our 20th anniversary in September we got to see lots of exhibitions and photographs of how the school first came together by the hard work of parents in our community.  I saw photos of The Iona Ministry members who wrote the school prayer for Mr Agnew the school’s first principal.  My teacher told me how two ladies described how they came up with the line “such different threads to be gathered into unity” while they were on a weaving course. They remarked how all the different threads looked like a mess on the underside but when turned over it revealed the beauty of an intricate pattern where all the colours and textures came as one.  This idea inspired me to think about images for other elements of the school prayer and how I could illustrate it for my project investigation.  I am really pleased with the final outcome and I think it will be lovely to display in the school so that everyone can appreciate how wonderful our school prayer is.




who has been awarded the Carson Bursary for Integrated Education.

Gareth will be presented with £1000.00 to complete his project entitled HARMONIDENTITY.  Gareth’s application focuses on his transition to integrated education and how much of an impact this has had on his identity.  He proposes to create a large scale ceramic sculpture for the school grounds which will comment on experiences of our new Year 8 intake, Year 13s new to the school and new staff this year. Gareth is part of the 6th form Welcoming Committee and has been researching evidence of positive attitudes and dispositions in our school.  The collaged finger print will be a significant motif in exploring this theme.








harmonidentity sculpture thumbprint originalY14 Gareth creates ‘Harmony’ at New-Bridge

On Thursday May 5th Gareth Murphy Year 14 Art and Design student worked with artists Ciara Campbell and Gill McManus on the final phase of his ‘Harmonidentitiy’ project funded by the Carson Bursary. The project has culminated in a large scale ceramic project on which each student and staff member new to the school this year has made their own individual mark.   The art work was produced to coincide with Integrated Education Week this year and also in connection with the College’s celebrations for NB20.  Gareth’s sculpture will reside in the college gardens at the heart of the school.  Pictured are artists Ciara Campbell, Gill McManus, Head of Year 8 Ms Harrison, Year 8 tutor Miss Gallagher along with year 8 students, Mrs McKeown, Mr Mullan and Gareth Murphy

Dear Parent

Please find attached our latest Factfile on the ’Easter Rising’ from the CRED ( Community, Relations, Equality and Diversity) committee, as part of commemorations for the Decade of Centenaries. This has been compiled primarily by Ms Harrison, Shared Education Co-ordinator and Head of History based on historical facts. The Factfile, along with the others produced by the CRED team, is available for the whole school community on the website.

A similar format will be used to commemorate ‘The Battle of the Somme’ after Easter.

Kind Regards

Mrs E McKeown
Integration Co-ordinator

“We will mourn the sacrifice of the Somme and will acknowledge the importance of the Rising but we will never glamorise or ignore violence without reference to its continuing consequences. We mark these events to learn, not to celebrate”. Duncan Morrow.


International Integrated  Education Week Report 


International Integrated  Education Week School Activities 

 pic on grass


Teaching Controversial Issues in New-Bridge College

Two groups of Year 8 pupils were photographed by the Multi Media team from CCEA as they demonstrated some of the work they are currently doing in English and Personal Development. The photos will be used as part of a new resource on Teaching Controversial Issues which CCEA is producing for KS3 teachers and pupils. Dr. Alan McMurray is Director of the project for CCEA which will provide guidance and case study examples for teachers across a range of learning areas.

Mrs Dawn Manson and her group of Year 8 pupils participated in a wide range of strategies beginning with a spectrum debate using a controversial statement from the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This required pupils to stand at one end of a line of continuum depending on whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement. What made this lesson different for the pupils was their first use of new kindles to find relevant pieces of text from the novel to support their arguments. Other strategies demonstrated were small group discussion work around themes from the novel and the use of a wire cage to encourage pupils to write with empathy and understanding about contentious issues of the Holocaust. This work is part of connected learning project involving RE, Drama, Art and English departments.

The second photo was with a group of Year 8 pupils with Art teacher Mrs Eimear McKeown who was teaching a Personal Development lesson on diversity with Year 8 pupils. She was using art as a medium to demonstrate how pupils might express differences about themselves and others. The pupils had created a tree on which they had placed visual images of their hands showing aspects of diversity such- as language, culture and interests. Some of the pupils involved in the discussion came from Canada, the Philippines and other parts of the UK.


The images portray how the teachers demonstrated the use of Keys, a set of core principles about teaching controversial issues drawn up by the school’s CRED team, which the teachers may refer to during lessons on controversial issues.

Our Pupils
















Celebrating Inclusion and Diversity in Year 8


 CRED Projects


Support material for Journeys Project


Over the past three years Year 10 pupils in New-Bridge Integrated Colleg

e have had the opportunity to work with the AmmA Centre in a cross curricular project. AMMA is a multimedia creative learning centre in the Southern Education and Library Board, North

Every year the focus of the project is derived from the theme for Integration week- this year the theme was ‘Journeys’. The subjects involved in the project were Art, Drama, Music and I.T. The project was launched in December when pupils were introduced to the stimulus text ‘The Arrival’- a graphic novel by Shaun Tan which focuses on the issue of immigration.ern Ireland. It is a centre where digital technology alongside traditional media can be used creatively by organisationsand individuals from schools, the youth sector and thecommunity.

In Art we collected a series of key words from the text to illustrate and many of these drawings were used as projections in the final production. In addition to this we created story boards to plan the filming of the piece which would also include music and drama elements.

In Drama we tried to empathise with the characters. We used images from The Arrival as starting points for developing a sustained drama, which would develop our understanding of the migrant experience. It also encouraged us to reflect on the ways in which existing communities respond to new arrivals.

As the project evolved we also began to recognise the importance of music in creating mood and atmosphere. And so in the Music classroom we listened to different genres of music to reflect this. We were also trained in the use of Garage Band on the Apple Mac computers so that we could compose our own sound tracks.

Finally, in IT we practised our editing skills on the Del computers which prepared us for the final editing process of the movies you will witness today. Pupils from 10MG were then given the opportunity to work with AMMA, who reinforced these skills by teaching pupils how to use IMovie on the Apple Mac.

At the outset of the project we invited visiting speakers into school to tell us about their journey. Each of the speakers had experienced travelling from their home country, where they had left family and friends in order to set up a new life for themselves in Northern Ireland. These interviews were used as an additional stimulus to piece together the story of immigration in a unique and personal way.




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