Head Boy/Girl Welcome

 Matthew Houston

I am very proud to have been appointed as the Head Boy of New-Bridge Integrated College 2017/18. New-Bridge is a truly great school which I have had to honour to be a part of for my seventh year now. I am currently studying A-Level Biology, Psychology and ICT, in addition to previously studying AS Physics, with the desire to pursue a degree in Law at Queens University Belfast. The college itself is not only recognised for the excellent results that it produces year in year out, but the teaching style, student relationships and ethos at New-Bridge are the things that make me most proud when I call myself Head Boy.


Through the unique and integrated and diverse teaching environment provided by New-Bridge I have been provided a platform to achieve my very best, both inside and outside the classroom. The College provided me with the amazing opportunity to attend the Oxford University Summer School 2017. In addition to this I have also took advantage of the various extra-curricular programmes that New-Bridge has to offer, for example Young Enterprise and the recent BOI School Bank. It is through these invaluable experiences that I have been able to enrich my skill set allowing me to achieve my very best in both my exams and other challenges.


In my opinion, the success stories produced by students that have attended New-Bridge are simply as a result of the teaching style the school has to offer. The student-teacher relationships ensure that classrooms work at their very best and that all students enjoy their subjects. This, in addition to the fantastic resources available, after school classes to avail from and teacher commitment allow all of the students to really excel at the College.


New-Bridge is a truly remarkable school at the forefront of teaching and I am incredibly proud to have studied here.


 Alanna McCourt

It is a privilege to be able to say I am Head Girl at New-Bridge Integrated College, a school I have attended for the past six years and a school that I adore.  I am currently studying Music, Drama and Physics at A-Level and I am aspiring to study Music at University College of Dublin next year. New-Bridge has shaped me into the person I am today; a confident, well-rounded and determined young lady. No other school is quite like New-Bridge, being involved in BALC (Banbridge Area Learning community) really makes me appreciate the unique community we have at New-Bridge between pupils and staff and I am reminded that not every school is as special as ours.

New-Bridge excels because of its ability to teach pupils about tolerance, inclusivity and respect, ensuring all pupils are accepting of one another no matter what gender, age, ability, culture, religion or background. Due to this, there are great bonds between the pupils and teachers, which make New-Bridge such an enjoyable place to come to everyday. New-Bridge has provided me with numerous opportunities. I have been a part of the CRED programme which aims to provide children with further knowledge and experience of interacting with people of different cultures and beliefs, the Young Enterprise Programme, The School Bank and one of the most rewarding opportunities I have been a part of is being a winner of the Carson Bursary for my own composition called, ‘New Beginnings’ which has enabled me to perform at many prestigious events. I have been heavily involved in the Music and Drama departments in school and this has given me a great foundation for my future career path. Not only does New-Bridge have a variety of opportunities to provide pupils, they also go to extreme lengths to make sure their pupils are equipped and supported in their examinations.

New-Bridge is a phenomenal school, the experiences have provided me with a platform to achieve great things, it is a place I will truly miss when I leave. I am so grateful and proud not only for being Head Girl but for being a student of New-Bridge Integrated College.