Head Boy/Girl Welcome


I am very proud to have been appointed Head Boy in NewBridge Integrated College 2016. New- Bridge is truly a great school that I have been lucky to be a part of for the past six years. I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics at A- Level and hope to study Medicine at Queens University, Belfast next year. New- Bridge doesn’t just have an amazing track record when it comes to the examination results students achieve; it stands out from many other schools in its ability to teach tolerance, acceptance and inclusivity as an integrated school.

Through the unique integrated environment provided at New- Bridge I have developed amazing friendships. New- Bridge has provided me with wonderful opportunities. I participated in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in Dublin and was privileged to be present in the Waterfront Hall in 2012 to hear Barrack Obama’s speech on the future of Northern Ireland. New- Bridge has made it possible for me to achieve my full potential as an individual. I achieved 9A*s and 1A at GCSE and 4As at AS level.

I truly believe that my success is as a result of the unique teaching style at New- Bridge, with small class sizes, and teachers that cater to every individual, not just a class. The dedication of the teachers at New- Bridge is wonderful. Many teachers give up their free time to take additional after school study classes, to ensure all their pupils achieve their maximum potential. New- Bridge is a remarkable school, and is growing better every day. I am honoured to be a pupil in New- Bridge and I am grateful for the amazing platform it has given me to achieve great things.





It is an honour to be Head Girl at New-Bridge Integrated College. I am currently studying English Literature, Psychology and ICT, and I hope to study Midwifery at Queen’s University, Belfast in September 2017. I believe that New-Bridge has shaped me into the confident, passionate and hard-working person I am today. If you had told me seven years ago, a shy and introverted Year 8 student, that one day I would be Head Girl I would have never believed you. I have been in integrated education all of my life and I feel that it is one of the most worthwhile experiences a school can offer.

New-Bridge has a refreshing ethos as a “school for all the family” where everyone is accepted no matter what gender, age, ability, culture, religion or background. I believe it is this ethos that enables pupils to create such powerful bonds with their peers and teachers, that go beyond the classroom. At New-Bridge, it is not just about achieving the grades, it is about equipping young people with skills and qualities that will take them anywhere they wish to go in life and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves. These opportunities come in many different forms; club and committees within the school, and opportunities to volunteer outside of school through our Sixth Form Enrichment programme. I am an active member of the Young Enterprise Team and this year we were awarded the best overall company for our product.

I am proud to be an antibullying ambassador and find this role immensely rewarding. New-Bridge is all about supporting young people and I myself would not have been able to achieve what I have without the support and guidance of the staff at New-Bridge. The experiences and opportunities afforded to me have shaped the individual I am today. I am so excited and look forward in anticipation to many more great things to come. New- Bridge is such a welcoming place and leaving it behind will be a challenge, but I know that the experiences I will take from New-Bridge will last a lifetime and have equipped me for many situations I will face when I leave. I am so grateful and proud to be able to say that I am a New-Bridge student.