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New-Bridge College Bio Diversity Team 20th Anniversary Planting of Native Tree Species


The Bio Diversity Team at New-Bridge College has nurtured a collection of three tree species (Cherry, Birch and Rowan) since 2012. New-Bridge College opened in September 1995 and during the academic year 2015 to 2016 this milestone has been marked with a variety of special events. During the past 20 years we have established many links with a large number of feeder primary schools. In recognition of the bonds established with the primary school staff, students and parents over the past 20 years, New-Bridge College Bio Diversity Team offered to symbolically plant a tree sapling with the help of Primary 7 students due to follow in our footsteps to New-Bridge College in the autumn of 2016. ‘The young sapling we planted together should find new roots and flourish just as we hope to do as young people’.

New-Bridge Bio Diversity Team appreciated the welcome they received and the time taken to choose a suitable location. Together they were able to find the root of any problem faced at each site. They all agreed their experience rocked as they made new friends and were sad to leave. They took many memorable photographs to share with the Year 8 students . They acknowledge the advice and guidance of Mr Brian Poots, Woodland Trust. ‘We hope to achieve the Green Trees Award for our blossoming efforts as the Bio-Diversity Team will continue to plant trees in the autumn term. If you would like to join us in environment related activities at New-Bridge College we look forward to meeting you’!

New-Bridge Bio-Diversity Team & Mrs C McIvor (Team Leader)





Congratulations to Christopher Fowler and Ryan McConville who have passed their first unit in their BTEC Countryside and Environment studies.   As part of their December module, they have created Christmas Wreaths using resources from the grounds of SRC.  I am sure you will agree that their Christmas creations are as professional as any you find for sale in the best garden centres this Christmas!  Well done boys!


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