Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art –  
Konstantin Stanislavski


Mrs M Warnock    :     Head of Department

Mrs D Manson      :     Drama Teacher




The Drama Department at New-Bridge is an exciting Department within the school. Our ultimate aim is to

develop students’ creative and imaginative skills, through the exploration of a variety of relevant and

contemporary playtexts including ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen, ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell and

The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller. We also delve into a range of themes and issues through expert

dramatization and role-play. We aim to build the self-confidence of our students, as well as equip them with

the necessary dramatic and performing skills required for a career in the Performing Arts.

At Key Stage 3, we offer students the opportunity to develop a range of drama skills, including

improvisation and devising, through the use of explorative strategies and mediums. Students are given the

opportunity to view live theatre shows in the West End and participate in Drama clubs and assemblies in

order to develop their skills and knowledge base.


Our students thoroughly enjoy the GCSE Drama option which allows them the opportunity to analyse and

perform texts using a range of costumes, props and lighting to engage and enthral their audience. Consequently, the GCSE course has been a great success within the school. The department is committed to preparing and motivating students for their GCSE examinations by using exciting materials, involving external theatre companies and organising visits to local theatres several times during the course. We also aim to explore a variety of genres and issues, ranging from Politics and Government, to War and The Holocaust.


The Department has always been heavily involved in the school’s Activities Day, which promotes the

Expressive Arts throughout the school, whilst contributing to other whole-school events, such as

Remembrance Day, the Christmas Carol Service and school assemblies. The Department also operates

Drama Clubs at KS3 and KS4, thereby allowing students the opportunity to develop their skills within a

friendly environment.


Our enhancement and enrichment activities aim to provide further extra-curricular opportunities for students

who wish to develop their theatrical skills. There are always new and exciting opportunities to use Drama at

New-Bridge and we are committed to embracing as many as possible!





BACKGROUND The department is very successful and has a large uptake at both GCSE and A Level.  We offer a range of opportunities to students outside the classroom and run a number of theatre trips throughout the year.


Ms O Lenaghan – Head of Drama


Silent movies- Mime


The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty- Scripted Peformance


The Evacuees- Devising


Ericka’s story- Devising


Storytelling- InprovisationYEAR 9 TOPICS


Darkwood Manor-Improvisation

Pantomime – Scripted

Across of t he Barricades- Script

The Titanic  – Devising YEAR 10 TOPICS


Our Day Out – Text study and scripted performance

KEY STAGE 4  (current subject descriptor can be used)AQA GCSE in Drama

Unit 1 Drama Written – Section A, B & C- 40%
Unit 2 Practical Work–  Controlled Assessment- 60%KEY STAGE 5 (current subject descriptor can be used) Edexcel GCE in Drama and Theatre Studies
Unit 1 The Crucible and A Dolls House – Text study including the exploration of drama styles and practitioners
Unit 2 Scripted performance – Teacher directed performance
Unit 3 Devising – based on a range of stimuli chosen by the teacher
Unit 4 Lysistrata & a Shakespeare text – Written examinationEXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/CLUBS/TRIPSKS3 Drama Club – Involved in the school productions
New Era Academy– Year 13 take their Bronze Acting examination alongside their A level studies.  KS3 Drama club are also able to take some examinations
Annual London Trip – All pupils are invited to intend