Science at New-Bridge Integrated College



Mr G Thompson:                               Head of Science and Physics Teacher
Mrs O Byrne:                                      Biology Teacher
Miss C Crawford:                               Chemistry teacher
Mrs C Cuffy:                                        Maths and Science teacher
Mr A Edgar:                                        Biology and Applied Science teacher
Mrs A McCully:                                  Biology teacher
Mr J McGlade:                                   Temporary PE and Science teacher
Mrs D Morgan:                                  Chemistry teacher
Mr A Tate:                                           Senior teacher and Biology teacher
Mr G McParland:                              Science technician



  • Be accessible to all pupils
  • Encourage pupils to be enquiring
  • Develop pupils as individuals when making choices for healthy living and when making decisions about moral and ethical issues
  • Develop pupils as contributors to society by exploring scientific developments and making use of science in the media
  • Promote environmental and economic responsibility
  • Promote Literacy, Numeracy and IT skills and contribute to CRED and CEIAG
  • Motivate and instil a wish to continue a lifelong interest
  • The department also aims to further the College Aims as defined in the Mission Statement
  • Be Fun!


At KS3 all aspects of Science are taught together and at KS4 the classes are divided into Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At KS3, in line with the revised curriculum, we encourage as much investigative and practical work as possible and to this end we use the “Spotlight Science” books as our main text. The pupils follow a continual assessment structure and their performance is tracked using a ‘traffic light system’ of green – above target, yellow – on target and red – below target.

In Year 8 the classes are mixed ability and some streaming is introduced in Year 9 and Year 10. In line with the rest of the school, the average class size at KS3 is 22 and KS4 is 17 with smaller classes in Years 13 and 14.

At GCSE, the CCEA specification is currently followed.  The majority of pupils study Double Award Modular Science.  A selected group of pupils study only Single Award Science allowing time for an appropriate curriculum.

Chemistry, Biology and Physics are taught at AS and A2 level following the CCEA specification. For Biology the average class size is 15 and for Chemistry and Physics the average size is 8 –10.