Modern Languages

Modern Languages News 2012-2013

Mrs A. O’Loughlin 
–  Head of Modern Languages/Examinations Officer/Teacher Tutor/Quality Nominee for BTEC.
Ms G Byrne  – Modern Languages/Year 8 Co-ordinatior
Miss Inma Romero Martinez  –  Spanish Assistant


Year 8 Spanish CCEA O.L.A. Entry Level 2
Year 9 French CCEA O.L.A. Entry Level 3
(external assessment of O.L.A Entry.2)
Year 10 Spanish CCEA O.L.A. Level 1
(external assessment of O.L.A. Entry 3 and teach Level 1 in preparation for G.C.S.E.)


Year 11 French G.C.S.E. A.Q.A. Specification for awards in 2015 (third cycle)
Year 12 Spanish G.C.S.E. A.Q.A. Specification for awards in 2014(second cycle)


Our pupils experienced great success in Key Stage 3 by achieving external accreditation in the Online Languages Assessment. This qualification is administered by the Council for Examinations and Assessment in Belfast. The majority of pupils in Year 10 achieved Entry Level 3 having achieved Entry Level 2 during the previous academic year. Year 9 completed Entry Level 2 and most pupils achieved a certificate. They will complete Entry Level 3 in Year 10 in December 2013. By the end of Key Stage 3 every student has either 1 or 2 certificates which indicates their linguistic ability and the certificates are important evidence for their Progress Files. The OLA certificates are distributed to pupils during Year assemblies. This form of assessment encourages pupils to work towards the next level and instils in them the desire to achieve.

I.C.T. is a significant aspect to the teaching, learning and assessment of modern languages. The progress made is concurrent with the requirements of the Curriculum as pupils must exhibit their I.C.T. skills in the acquisition of a modern language. The Languages Department frequently advertises its successes in the college’s News Letter.

The influence of I.C.T. at G.C.S.E. level is equally important as the speaking tests are recorded digitally in accordance with the G.C.S.E. specifications. Pupils are being prepared for speaking assessments in a way that is relevant to their I.C.T. experience. They can now download or have emailed to them material such as sound files onto their iPods or mobile phones. This enhances the learning facilities for pupils.

The schemes of work for Key Stage 3 reflecting the Curriculum have been implemented and regularly undergo amendments to ensure efficient and relevant teaching and learning. The G.C.S.E. specifications for French and Spanish have been implemented in Key Stage 4.

The Modern Languages Department has continued to enjoy links with Banbridge Academy and Our Lady’s Grammar School in Newry by sharing the Spanish and French Assistants respectively. We will be continuing these links in the next academic year.