Mrs A Kearns                          Head of Department, ICT Curriculum Coordinator

Miss C McCann                      Media & ICT Teacher

Mr A McGee                           ICT & Media Teacher

Miss R Jenkinson                    ICT & H and Social Care Teacher

Mr J Doyle                              ICT Network Manager

Mr P Sinton                             Placement Student (Interactive Multimedia Design)



It is the policy in New-Bridge to deliver UICT as a cross-curricular skill but to complement this and to increase their skills as digital makers our Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils have two periods of ICT per week.  Within these lessons the pupils are given the opportunity to develop and extend their existing ICT/Computing and Media skills in:

  • – text processing and presentation
  • – spreadsheets and modelling
  • – creating and editing still and moving images
  • – working with sound
  • – game making
  • – website development
  • – communication using ICT
  • – coding: Scratch, Micro: Bit, Python and HTML
  • – networks and the Internet
  • – hardware & software
  • – data representation and databases

The pupils are also advised about e-safety and responsible use of ICT.


The year 11 pupils have 4 options available to them in the department to suit their individual interests and capabilities.

  • CCEA GCSE Digital Technology: Multimedia Route (NEW)
  • CCEA GCSE Digital Technology: Programming Route (Collaborative option) (NEW)
  • BTEC Information and Creative Technology (Level 2) (NEW)
  • BTEC Creative Digital Media Production (Level 2) (Collaborative option)

The collaborative courses attract pupils from other schools in the Banbridge Area Learning Community.

A Level

At AS pupils have two options in the ICT department:

  • CCEA Advanced Level Digital Technology (NEW)
  • BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production (Interactive Media) (QCF) (Collaborative option)

GCE Digital Technology incorporates aspects of computer science and information technology. It explores how we can use technology to create, store, process, analyse and present information in a digital context. This includes computer architecture, networks, web technology, digital media, programming tools and software applications.

Pupils also have the option to study for the Subsidiary Diploma Level 3 Edexcel BTEC Creative Media Production.  This is a collaborative course which attracts pupils from other schools in the Banbridge Area Learning Community.