Teacher in Charge: Mrs L McKinstry

In 2013/14, Mrs McKinstry and Miss Murphy are delivering the Citizenship scheme to year 8 and 9 pupils.

If we look though our newspapers and watch the news, we cannot underestimate the fact that we belong to a global community and live in changing times.  In Key Stage 3 we use citizenship lessons as an arena to allow pupils to discuss current issues in a safe environment.

Each pupil in year 8 and 9 is timetabled to have one Citizenship lesson per week with their form class.  These lessons mainly take the form or a structured debate with the teacher facilitating that discussion.  There are other practical and written activities used so pupils can express themselves in a variety of ways.  In year 10, the Citizenship themes are covered in PD lessons and delivered by form tutors.

Every year, to complement these lessons and to coincide with Integrated Education Week, each year group comes together for one focused activity.  In Year 8 pupils devise and perform in a Peace Assembly, in Year 9 pupils are taken on a tour of the murals in Belfast with a guide, and in Year 10 we go to Stormont to see what our ‘Corridors of Power’ look like.


Overview of Year 8 Scheme 

Introduction to Citizenship

Diversity around us

Ethnic diversity

Understanding sectarianism

Human Rights and Social Responsibility

Citizenship in the community


Overview of Year 9 Scheme 

What is exclusion


Challenging discrimination

Social justice

Global poverty

Poverty on our doorstep

An ideal world


Overview of Year 10 scheme 

Democracy and Active Participation

Crime and Its Consequences