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Small Change Big Changes

As part of our celebration for World Book Day, Mrs Ward, Librarian, launched our ‘Small Change – Big Changes’ Copper Challenge.  The aim of the challenge is to raise money for books for the school library.  Mrs Ward commented that over 200 books are out on loan at any one time and she is always looking for ways to keep the library stocked with new and exciting books for our students.

We are asking students to collect any loose change from around the house, with permission of course. .Don’t forget the old reliable ‘down the back of the sofa’.   The Copper Challenge will run until June so plenty of time to get searching.

Over the next few days smaller bottles will be left in form rooms and around school to help remind the school community about the collection. Just bring your bottle or change to the library and add it to our big collection jar.   Remember ‘Small Change – Big Changes’

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